Toy Puppy Vaccine Schedule

Please notice that 1/4th or less of a vaccine is recommended for small breed puppies.  
Small puppies can have severe reactions to a whole vaccine, it can even cause death.  
A whole vaccine is intended for large breeds.
There is a huge difference in the body weight of a
Toy Poodle puppy compared to that of a large breed puppy.

WARNING!! Do NOT let the vets give your puppy
They can kill your puppy.
The makers recommend that these are NOT given to dogs weighing under 20 pounds.
Some vets do it anyway!
I will not even let my 75 pound dog have them!

8 WEEKS - First vaccine is given, 1/4th or less dose of  5 way puppy vaccine.
NO Lepto or Corona!
Puppies are weighed. The weight is doubled with
one-half pound added to determine approximate adult weight.

12 WEEKS - Second vaccine is given, 1/4th or less dose of  5 way puppy vaccine.
NO Lepto or Corona!
Puppies weighed again and weight is doubled to determine approximate adult weight.

16 WEEKS - Third and last shot is give, 1/4th  or less  dose of  5 way puppy vaccine.
NO Lepto or Corona!
Puppy will not need any more vaccines ever!

I do NOT recommend ever getting a rabies vaccine!

Puppies should NEVER be put on the ground outside until after their
16 week final vaccines.  You may feel your yard is safe but cats and birds can
bring parvo to your yard on their feet from infected yards.
*Even fully vaccinated dogs can still get Parvo up till 18 months of age!  
The vaccine does NOT make them immune to it.

These are guidelines to try to make getting your puppy’s vaccines safer if you feel they
should have them. Research and decide for yourself. Keep in mind, veterinarians do not
make money if you have healthy dogs. I believe they are toxic chemicals poisoning our
babies and
I do not give my dogs any! But I am extremely careful about where I take them
and I do not let them on the ground anywhere in public areas.  

*Please remember to give your puppy a little honey, agave, maple syrup or some kind of
sugar right before or very soon after the vaccination. It will help reduce side affects.
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I personally do not vaccinate my dogs. But if you take yours in
public and wish to vaccinate them then I strongly believe that it is
best for your puppy's health to wait to give the first & only,
partial vaccines at 16 weeks of age or older.
This is a wonderful e-book and I would be happy to e-mail it to you.

If you do not agree with this then I suggest the schedule below.